Do you see the need for Soul ShopTM in your region? Do you want to be the first to respond? You can be the doorway to change by hosting a Soul ShopTM event.

A Soul ShopTM Host takes on the responsibility of organizing and coordinating the event. This includes promotion, logistics, registration, and follow-up. Soul Shop provides the trainer, workbooks, and a step-by-step event guide. The host provides the venue, logistical team, and financial resources.

For more information, see our Soul Shop Toolbox

Steps to Hosting:
  1. Contact Soul Shop to gain initial information and express interest
  2. Process whether hosting Soul ShopTM works well for your organization in terms of:
    1. Financial resources: see Cost Sheet
    2. A team to handle promotion (goal of having 25 to 80 participants), registration, logistics
    3. Determine what training options you would like to include: see our Soul Shop Services
    4. Process any questions or concerns with Soul Shop.
  3. Work with Soul Shop to set a date (ideally at least 5 months out) and finalize a contract

Interested? Contact us.


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