Creating a Soul-Safe Community

What is a Soul-Safe Community?

A Soul Safe Community is one that addresses suicidal desperation as a regular aspect of its life and work. These regular aspects include (a) vision, (b) preaching and teaching, (c) worship, (d) corporate prayer, (e) pastoral care, (f) fellowship, (g) training, and (h) outreach. By normalizing suicidal desperation as a facet of the human experience, persons can begin to give voice to their hopes and fears.

Soul Safe Communities are also been equipped to minister to those considering suicide, those who are concerned about someone they know and care about, those who have lost someone to suicide, and those who are recovered from suicidal thinking in the past.

Soul Shop exists to give congregations the tools to form this life-saving culture and have life-saving conversations with those impacted by suicidal desperation. Soul Shop provides a host of services to train faith leaders and teach them to equip their congregations in the vital areas listed above.

Soul Safe Communities are committed to live up to their name: creating a web of relationships where persons are safe to address the life-threatening impacts of suicidal desperation.

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