Pastors: Take Action Against Suicide

Date: January 6, 2016   By: Fe Anam Avis

If any pastor were to receive a call from the local police department and told they had good evidence that someone was thinking about killing several adults and a larger number of youth in the church, most pastors would take action. Members would be alerted, security measures would be put in place, and prayers would be offered. Parents would be given guidance on how to talk to their children and adults would be encouraged to watch out for one another.

This is precisely the reality with suicidal desperation. In any congregation of 100 adults, 6 of them are thinking of killing themselves. In any group of 10 high school youth, 2 of them are considering suicide.

Here at PPI, we believe that the inaction of faith community leaders relative to suicidal desperation is primarily due to a lack of awareness and equipping. We want to make a difference in this area. To that end we have created Soul ShopTM.

Soul ShopTM equips congregational leaders to minister to those impacted by suicidal desperation including:

  • Adults and youth who are considering suicide
  • Family members and friends who are anxious about a person who may be considering suicide
  • Persons who have lost a loved one to suicide
  • Second Day people – those who have been suicidal in the past but have found a way out of suicidal thinking

The Soul ShopTM experience demonstrates that with a few simple conversational tools you can save a life or ease the suffering of someone dealing with the hopelessness and isolation that accompanies suicidal desperation.

You may also be surprised to learn how much the Bible has to say about suicidal desperation. This Biblical foundation guides us to integrate Soul ShopTM into preaching, teaching, liturgy, training, and community outreach.

The day-long workshop is taught by Fe Anam Avis or others equipped by him. Fe is an experienced trainer in the area of suicide prevention. Fe speaks not only from professional expertise, but also from his own experience of walking through the dark night of suicidal desperation and coming out the other end alive.

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